How to get official eUI 5.9.021s update for LeEco Le2

This is a step by step official tutorial on installing latest eUI 5.9.021s software update for LeEco Le2 (Le X526) based on Android Marshmallow(6.0.1) with the latest security patch. Remember this is an official beta tester ROM, you are eligible for all future beta updates after this installation. Please do check your device details below before proceeding further.

Device Details :

Name: LeEco Le2 / Letv Le2

Mode: Le X526

CPU: Snapdragon 652 8 cores 1.8 GHz

Ram: 3GB

Features of eUI 5.9.021s firmware update for Le2 :

  1. Eye protection.
  2. Notification management.
  3. Add option for turn off all notification and filter.
  4. Add extra syncing for the browser in Lecloud and add other security option feature.
  5. Add intelligent assistant.
  6. Add auto brightness option in control bar
  7. Add app accelerator feature in the phone manager
  8. Changes in feedback app

Pre-requisites for Le2 EUI 5.9.021s Beta Stock ROM update:

1. Take a backup of your Le2 smartphone.
2. Your phone battery should have a minimum charge of 70%.
3. Follow all the steps carefully.

Step by step method to update your device:

Step 1: Click here to download official LeEco Le 2 EUI 5.9.021s file (Size: 2.04GB).

Step 2: Rename this zip file to “”.

Step 3: Connect your phone to PC via USB Type-C and copy the zip file into your root directory i.e simply open ‘internal storage’ and paste the file.

Step 4: Go to “System Update App” from the system tool, tap on the setting icon, it is a 3 dots icon on top right corner (see in this image) and tap on the “Local update” tab. Now you can see a message on your phone Screen, ” update package found, your phone will restart, are you sure to continue?”. See image below.


Step 5: Now Click on continue, your phone is going to reboot in recovery mode and ROM flashing process starts. Don’t interrupt this process, it might take 4-6 minutes for your phone to first boot.

Step 6: Congrats you’ve been successfully updated to eUI 5.9.021s.




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