How to start a blog ?

Step 3: Installing WordPress

It’s pretty easy, just bear with us and follow the leads below:

  • After successful completion of Step 2, you will receive a reference mail from HostGator with login credentials that include control panel URL, username, and password.

  • Click the login URL you have received in the mail, this will take you to control panel login area.
  • Enter the username and password you have received in the reference mail from HostGator and click the login button.

  • On the next screen scroll down and click on QuickInstall icon.

  • On the next screen hover over to Install WordPress and click.

  • Click Install WordPress Button on the next screen.

  • On the next screen fill out the form to get started with your WordPress installation                    
  •  In the first box enter your blog’s domain name like and keep the other box by its side empty.
  • Under Admin Email box, enter your email id and under Blog Title box, enter your blog name.

** Remember Admin Email will be used as login reference for your WordPress blog. Blog name can always be changed.

  • Enter Admin User, this is the username that will be used during logging into your WordPress blog. And then enter your First and Last name in the respective boxes.
  • Finally, click green color install button to finish the installation.

  • An orange color box will appear that shows <Your install is complete>. Now hover over to View Credentials to see your WordPress login credentials that include login URL, username, and password


  • Click on the URL and enter details to login into WordPress dashboard.

Almost Done. Click next page to continue…..

  • candy

    Great tutorial on how to start a blog site. I use wordpress and haven’t had a problem, well couple of problems but they were very helpful in fixing them.

  • I would argue that number 2 isn’t necessary. A lot of beginners might not want to pay anything.

    • Editorial Staff

      Hi Katie thanks for your suggestion. For beginners they can always opt for the free-plan at

  • Anita Anderson

    This is a good step by step guide to starting a blog. The biggest issue for most is coming up with a good name, platform and host.

  • I remember setting up my website a few years ago. It was trial and error. This really helps someone in setting up their site.

    • Thanks Franc for those kind words. We are happy to help.

  • Jennifer Van Huss

    Great post! I wish I had read this post years ago when I began! I was really at a loss when I started! Lots of errors!

  • JustOneMommysOpinion

    Simple steps! I remember setting up my blog and it was somewhat scary! This takes all the guessing out. Love the tips.

  • Wonderful easy to follow steps for newbie bloggers. Great job

  • Great article for those starting out! I wish I had gone with WordPress from day one. I was on Blogger for a few years. WordPress has been a dream come true!

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    Great tips for starting a blog. It is important to find a great hosting site like Host Gator.

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information for those wanting to start a blog. It is an awesome thing when other bloggers help the new ones. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Great ideas for those new to blogging. I hope it helps many that are looking for info.

  • Kate Klaus Kelly

    These are some great tips. If you are new to blogging it might be better to start with a free account before purchasing hosting. Just in case you decide it’s not for you.

  • I just started a new blog and can’t seem to get it going even though I have two active ones. Your information will help a lot.

  • Ave T

    What a great step-by-step guide! I’m sure a lot of new bloggers will find it really useful! We are using WordPress too, and love it!

  • Your step by step guide was very thorough. I wish I found a guide like this before I started my blog.

  • This is such a great step by step guide especially for those who would like to try blogging.

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